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What patients and practitioners say about Symptom Evolution:

"I was suffering from severe vertigo along with headaches, occipital pain, restricted neck mobility and other issues. After fighting this for over 2 years I was very frustrated.  So many doctors had tried so many different things without success, I was losing hope.

My massage therapist, Lydia Houston, told me about Symptom Evolution and how that could stop the vertigo, help with the headaches and my other issues.  My 1st appointment went great, but I have to say that when they told me they could help me in 4 appointments, I was very skeptical.  But I was wrong.  The first 2 appointments were tough and I got a little worse before getting better, but I trusted Lydia and we pressed forward.  They were caring, accommodating to my condition and understanding of my pain and for that I am so thankful.  My 3rd appointment, which came about 1 month after starting, showed me the first signs of significant improvement and that is when I started to feel hopeful.  Having hope back in my life was so important as my body started to change.  After the 3rd appointment I was feeling physically and emotionally better.


I trusted the treatments that were new to me and trusted them when they said they could help when I was so skeptical.  So here I sit 4 months later feeling great and reflecting on my experience.  I hope that anyone reading this can gain the same results that I have, and to take that 1st step by trusting a treatment that really works.  Thanks!" - DG, patient 

"I want to give a big thanks to the practitioners of Symptom Evolution @ Bigfoot Wellness, you have changed my life!  I am a 42 year old extreme sports athlete who has been crashing my body for a long time. I have seen over 20 different chiropractors, acupuncturists, doctors and manual therapists over the years in search of relief from the sensations I have. In 2018 I had surgery to remove a portion of a herniated disc at my C6-C7. There was some relief, but not all the pain went away. At my two year post-op appointment, my surgeon told me he couldn't help any further. This is when I was introduced to Symptom Evolution. It has been a game changer for me! When everyone else said "I can't help you", they have been able to bring ease to my demanding daily routine. I am now able to telemark ski, climb trees for work, and function like most people with grace and ease because of the kind of relief Symptom Evolution provides. Thank you for everything, for ALL you've done!" - AS, patient

"I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to study symptom evolution. Symptom evolution has taught me how to solve complex issues, get to the root of the pain, and have changing impact on severe and complex cases such as vertigo and cluster headaches. The positive client outcomes I have now after taking this course continuously brings joy to my work. I apply at least one concept from symptom evolution in every session with my clients now and have easily adapted this work into the massage room setting. I believe that this course is 100% worth your time and completely adaptable to your specific profession in Bodywork. If you want to get to the root of the problem on issues you may have never been able to impact, then please invest your time into symptom evolution"

- Lydia Houston, LMT

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