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What to Expect From Symptom Evolution care

Treatment will include history taking and soft tissue evaluation. Most of the work occurs with the patient lying on a treatment table. The provider will then apply pressure to various areas of the body. The patient will be instructed to move their foot, arms, or neck in different ways to accomplish the release work. Nerves, blood vessels, and fascia are addressed simultaneously. The pressure is often lighter than you may have experienced and will be unfamiliar to even those who are seasoned in receiving body care. 

Fatigue, sleepiness, and lightheadedness are the most common after effects from an initial session. Most patients feel profoundly different after getting off the table from even their first session. The provider will educate the patient on what to anticipate after each session. Every session is completely different and tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

Patients often experience temporary and new symptoms as things settle down. Change of any kind is the most important outcome marker to track. Positive, negative, or neutral treatment responses are welcome and all equally important to guide follow up care and recommendations.

How is Symptom Evolution Different?

Symptom Evolution is brand-new system of diagnosis and treatment that uniquely addresses all seven causes of pain simultaneously. All other treatment options are based on the limited knowledge of only three causes of musculoskeletal conditions, missing the real drivers of pain like nerves, meninges, and blood vessels.

If resolution is not accomplished, our most powerful tool is a precise referral. No more trial and error. We aim for the shortest course of care with results no one else can achieve.

Symptom Evolution is not comparable to any other existing treatments. It is not massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupressure, or energy work.

Is Symptom Evolution For Me?

Are your symptoms:

  • Random?

  • Chronic?

  • Do they respond temporarily, not at all, or adversely to any course of care you may have tried?

If 2 out of 3 are true for you, you’re an ideal candidate for Symptom Evolution care. Thousands of patients have commented that they believe it’s magic. As Alan Dean Foster wrote:

“Today’s magic is tomorrow’s science.”

Symptom Evolution is the advanced science you’ve been looking for. It’s not just a technique, it’s a movement to change health care as we know it.




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