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Symptom Evolution

Treat the first things first.


What Is Symptom Evolution?

Symptom Evolution is a history taking methodology and treatment approach to identify not just your diagnosis, but also it's root cause. If you have a low back concern, why would anyone ask about head injuries? Ankle sprains? Arm fractures when you were a kid?

How could that possibly be related? 

Symptom Evolution uniquely harnesses previously unknown interconnections of the body to not only identify, but eliminate musculoskeletal complaints ranging from everyday low back, knee, and shoulder pain, to vertigo, headaches, and neuralgias. Our guiding philosophy is less is more - patients are released from care with as few treatments as possible. 


Symptom Evolution isn't just a new therapy that yields un-paralleled results, it's a movement.

Symptom Evolution was born out of necessity. For example, why do ten people with similar right knee complaints respond so differently to the same course of care?  Traditional diagnostic and treatment algorithms applied in all areas of musculoskeletal care struggle to yield consistent results or provide long term resolution. Why? Our quest led us to revolutionary findings that explain WHY ten people with the seemingly same problem need totally different courses of care.

We're on a mission to change health care as we know it.

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